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From start to finish, Harry H. Bachman Auctioneer can take care of all your auction services. Born and rasied in the Annville Area, Harry is a native of Central Pennsylvania. He knows the people and knows what they're about. You can trust him to provide experienced auction services for you.

Providing You Affordable Rates

Harry H. Bachman Auctioneer has nearly 50 years of experience. With prompt and professional service. Harry always returns your calls within 24 hours. He's been proudly serving Central Pennsylvania since 1966.

Your Auction Will Be Covered

  • Auctioneers

  • Preparation

  • Tables and Tents

  • Clerks and cashiers

  • Portable clerking trailer

  • Sound system

  • Toilets

  • Runners

  • Trash disposal

Any Kind of Auction For You

  • ​Estates

  • Bank Trust Departments

  • Attorneys

  • Executors

  • General public

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Call Today and Get Your FREE Consultation!

PA: AU-000033-L

OH: 57197926629

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